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Engineering & Technical

Reference: EN-179
Job Title: Technical Manager
Country: United Arab Emirates
Experience: Min 10 years

Job Purpose:
The Technical Manager will have to improve the performance of factories, by optimizing inefficient areas in production.

Duties & Responsibility:
- Positively representing the company at all times through a success-oriented and professional demeanor.
- Partnering with other managers to accomplish short and long-term operational goals.
- Measuring and reporting on production performance and develop plans to improve relevant key performance indicators.
- Developing programs that ensure effective and efficient utilization of machines and equipment.
- Evaluating and making recommendations on optimum use of farms plants and machinery.
- Developing and implementing innovative mechanization techniques with a view to increasing efficiency and minimize costs of operations.
- Liaising with Factory General Managers or and Production Managers in preparation of new machines specifications.
- Conducting necessary tests on new machines / equipment.
- Trouble shooting and overseeing mechanical and electrical assemblies used in the cigarette making/packing process.
- Performing routine equipment maintenance
- Providing technical assistance and guidance to other technical personnel.
- Providing general support to the manufacturing team.
- Ensuring that all safety guidelines are adhered to and followed in all factories.

NB: Candidate will be based in Dubai with extensive travelling around Africa.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- Masters in Engineering or related areas
- The candidate should be a qualified and experienced senior technician in both cigarette making and packing machines
- Familiarity with the production procedures of the organization
- Have at least 10 years of tobacco industry experience as a Production Manager
- Proficiency in English, French is an advantage



Reference: IN-43
Job Title: Compliance Officer
Country: Egypt
Experience: Min 5 years
The position ensures the Board of Directors and Company's Management that company policies and procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company's Standards of Conduct.
Also, provides compliance guidance and support to all company's employees to comply & be aligned with the Group & Local Standards/compliance related topics.

Future Challenges:
Building a competent compliance department that is fully aligned with the rules within the Group compliance standards and requirements.
Ensuring that all Group policies & procedures are localized and properly followed within the company in Egypt.

Main Tasks
- Localize Group rules, regularly review existing rules & develop procedures for the Compliance Programs and its related activities to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct. Ensure adequate implementation of the compliance programs.
- Manages day-to-day operation of the compliance programs. Monitor & assess the appropriateness & adequacy of carried out spot checks by the compliance team, identified potential areas of compliance weakness and risk, developed & implemented corrective action plans.
- Prepare and ensure appropriate implementation of the compliance yearly plan.
- Ensure appropriate implementation of the risk assessment process in accordance with the Group requirements (i.e. conduct Risk & Control Self Assessment and Integrated Risk and Control system) and coordinating such results with risks management and internal audit.
- Develop and manages a consistent process for handling carried out investigations by the compliance team regarding alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and Standards of Conduct. Regularly report on progress of such investigations to company's Managing Director and conclude every investigation with a final report.
- Works with the Training Department; as appropriate, to provide compliance training program, including appropriate introductory training for new employees as well as ongoing training for all employees and managers.Focus on anti-money laundering & Economic Sanctions ongoing training and education programs that detail how employees can remain compliant with overarching regulation.
- Provide required reports; as directed or requested, to the Board of Management, GRC & Group Compliance.
Report to the company's BOM any violations and to the Region and Group according to the communicated threshold.
- Manage the compliance team including employee training and professional development, appraising the performance of subordinates and providing performance feedback.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- A Bachelor's degree required; Faculty of Law is desired. - Fluent in Arabic and English language
- Min 5 years of experience in the Insurance field
- Only Egyptian Nationals will be considered for this vacancy


Reference: IN-46
Job Title: Legal & Compliance Coordinator
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 3 years
The Role:
- Implement and maintain an effective compliance program. Monitor regulatory measures and requirements. Ensure the management and employees are in compliance with the rules & regulations of regulatory authority, that the company's policies & procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company's Standards of Conduct.

- Demonstrate professional, technical, & analytical skills, due to the enlarged, developed & innovated insurance industry.
- Ability to grasp promptly complex issues & problems particularly with regard to compliance & investigation issues and direct others towards proper resolution.

Main Tasks:
- Ensure adherence of the Company to Laws and regulations.
- Establish, implement and maintain an effective compliance program which is fit to prevent and detect violations of laws.
- Establish and ensure adequate training and communications on compliance topics for employees/ sales force.
- Prevent , detect and respond to illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.
- Interact with regulators and external auditors with regard to compliance /legalrisk.
- Create and maintain a framework of adequate compliance policies and procedures, and ensure a yearly review of those policies and guidelines.
- Conduct the Compliance Risk Identification and Assessment.
- Ensure that ongoing monitoring activities (Spot checks) are established and performed in line with legal, compliance policy and regulatory requirements.
- Interact with other risk and governance functions within the Company.
- Assume the coordination with the Company's external lawyers; follow up and update litigation cases and files.
- Provide legal assistance and advice for the various departments.
- Prepare and review all kind of Agreements, papers, letters and other official documents related to and/or engaging the Company.
- Participate in drafting the Board and General Assemblies meetings.
- Ensure proper communication with the regulatory authorities, assess and communicate regulatory changes, monitor regulatory measures and requirements.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor of Law
- 3 to 5 years of Experience
- Understanding & knowledge of local Regulations
- Strong communication, negotiation and persuasion skills


Reference: IN-47
Job Title: Compliance Specialist
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 3 years
- This role will suit an individual who is flexible, adapts to changing priorities and has the ability to deal with their own workload. In-house experience particularly in financial services and general insurance is an advantage. The role will involve the provision of regulatory/compliance support and assistance to the business under the supervision of the Head of Legal and Compliance.

- Review and monitor relevant legislation and legislative changes. Provide training and updates as appropriate to the business (including creating the relevant training materials to be used), reviewing existing operational processes to ensure compliance.
- Put in place and manage compliance monitoring and review processes. Prioritise and oversee areas for regulatory and compliance review with the business. Undertake compliance monitoring and review activities, draft and issue reports to the business and senior management to highlight areas of non-compliance and work with the business to investigate and remediate these.
- To provide DP guidance and advice to the business as required including overseeing complex data subject access requests. Work with the European and Global Privacy Officers on complex issues.
- To assist the business with third party due diligence process (particularly in relation to proposed broker relationships). Ensure that adequate records are maintained in relation to broker relationships.
- To advise the business in relation to putting in place and monitoring first line operational controls.
- Advise the business on appropriate systems for dealing with complaints and undertake on-going monitoring.
- Work closely with internal and external advisers to design and put in place compliant operational processes for operations conducted overseas.
- Providing guidance and advice to the business on general compliance issues such as payments, claims handling, complaints, providing input into product development wording.
- Drafting compliance materials and wording for business documents. Raising the awareness of compliance issues within the business.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- A degree in a relevant discipline such as law or another relevant degree would be an ideal qualification for the successful candidate.
- Proven experience (at least three years) of working directly in a financial services organisation with an international focus and a good understanding of the relationship companies have with regulatory bodies.
- Excellent organizational skills.
- Strong communication skills both written and verbal.
- Provision of quality presentations/training in a variety of settings.
- Project management skills.


Reference: IN-47
Job Title: Chief Sales Officer
Country: Saudi Arabia
- Saudi Candidates Only.
- Develops new multi-channel blueprint realigning all structures, interfaces, new processes, economic models and incentives.
- Communicates short and long term strategic direction.
- Develops, communicates and monitors ambitious sales plan.
- Leads, directs and monitors multi-channel activities.
- Drives focused campaign management, efficient and less administrative sales processes and monitors them.
- Gains growth via new business and high customer retention.
- Develops and monitors long term succession planning.
- Responsible for quality of sales, provides sufficient training for the sales force, balanced within and cross channels.
- Realignment of long term compensation and focused incentive systems.
- Connects and interlink with all relevant interfaces.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Age Bracket: 40 years old.
- Strong Analytical skills / conceptual thinking and superior implementation strength.
- Deep understanding of market, customer segments and products.
- General Management skills.
- Previous P+L responsibility.
- Very good understanding of incentive systems.
- Significant amount of clients contacts.


Reference: IN-48
Job Title: Direct and Fronting Manager
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 15 years
The Role:
- Responsible for interacting on a daily basis with the company's Global Partners and customers. Actively communicate with worldwide partners and new potential customers; offers the appropriate products with emphasis on closing new business and generating sales.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
- Work together with the technical departments to: answer questions, offer appropriate insurance products, generate quotes, support the process of billing/ submitting applications and converting underwriting policies into closed products by providing practical advice and recommendations.
- Grow existing accounts and develop new accounts in order to meet sales targets and profitability goals establish by the Sales Management.
- Maintain current sales pipeline of clients and current pending applications.
- Ensures data quality of customers database; the current, target and future customers.
- Provide oversight and control over day-to-day transactions, operations and activities (dials, contacts, quotes, application generation and pending application) in order to achieve programs and department goals.
- Understand, facilitate and expedite internal processes for the closing of business.
- Actively participates in sales meetings and trainings as required.
- Set high standards for quality interactions with clients and business lines.
- Provide regular reports, added value analysis, comments and create a fluent dialogue with client.
- Listen to client needs and be a solution provider to improve client satisfaction.
- Other ad-hoc duties as assigned.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- Bachelor in Business, Marketing, finance or equivalent
- Minimum 15 years of experience in insurance industry (10+ in technical)
- Very Good understanding of local/ global insurance market, including regulations, business segments, products and services.
- Proven insurance product experience
- Strong communication & convincing skills.
- Strong sales techniques & managerial skills.
- Excellent MS Office skills
- Strong technical, sales, marketing presentation skills
- Fluency to communicate in English both verbal and in writing is a must



Reference: IT-100
Job Title: Senior Cyber Security Officer
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 2 years
The Role:
- The IT Security specialist will support in the implementation of the company's Information Security Governance and Compliance measures. He/She will administer the information security plans, policies and procedures to ensure appropriate controls are in place for the security of company's information assets.

- Staying up to date with new information security and IT topics plus improving his/her Information Security analytical skills.

Main Tasks:
- Performs Asset classification with interaction of business owners, custodians and Application support functions.
- Perform risk assessments on projects and provides security requirements.
- Performs risk assessment of infrastructure and applications when required.
- Participates in preparation of RFP for security assessments.
- Coordinates with Security Consultants and IT Dept. various teams in successful completion of Security Assessment.
- Uploads Risk Assessment results to Information Security Risk database and follows up with action owners till mitigation/closure.
- Assists in renewal of licenses of tools.
- Assist in ad-hoc requests within the department.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience in computer science or business.
- 2-3 years of experience in an Cyber Security position
- Good understanding of Information Security and Risk Assessments methodologies
- Good understanding of penetration testing processes
- Knowledge of Information Security tools
- Good English written & spoken. Arabic is a plus


Reference: IT-96
Job Title: IT Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 5 years
The Role:
- Managing IT staff & projects & providing technical leadership. This includes management of application development as well as management of servers, deployed software & networks.

- Providing IT Services in an effective & efficient manner that will ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services & resources.

Main Tasks/Responsibilities:
- Leads the IT department & ensures that the HO & branches are well managed.
- Manages information technology, computer systems and networks.
- Develops & implements policies & procedures for electronic data processing, computer system operations & development.
- Monitors & maintains company's technologies.
- Resolves problems & ensures applications are working properly.
- Constantly follow up with new technologies/skills and makes recommendations about purchase of technology materials.
- Liaises with vendors to gather information & assesses services & products.
-Leads, motivates & develops the IT team to ensure that the right level of service & support is provided to the Business.
- Coordinates with the Company on the group's applications integration & maintenance.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University Degree
- 5 to 10 years experience in IT, and minimum 3 years in an IT Managerial position
- High knowledge in I, connection, software & hardware.
- High knowledge in computer networks, network administration & managing network installation
- Experience in change mgt within IT to improve service levels
- Knowledge in IMS
- Understand local regulatory & company compliance requirements & related developments


Reference: IT-98
Job Title: Back Office Support
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 2 years
1- Business requirement definition and project ownership management :
- Define and design business requirements and management rules document as per department's workflow.
- Write business requirements for system development:
-Develop and update management rules in line
with management requirements and management
- Run tests / requests and extract bugs:
- Elaborate new system test reports.
- Always ensure that deliverables and requests are matched.
-Communicate results to the developer,
concerned persons and management.
- Write forms destined for users.
-Develop and update software manual,communicate modifications to related personnel.

2- New System follow up :
- Membership : Data Entry and control.
- Medical and Billing : functionality testing + compliance assurance with the management rules.
- Results reporting.
- Staff training and support.

3- Office support (software and hardware):
- Troubleshoot, hardware and software installation.
- Communication issues with the IT team and solution coordination before implementation.
- Communicating results to the IT Manager.

4- Handling IT inventory (hardware and consumables):
- Tracking actual hardware and add new ones.
- Consumables replacement, stock update and replacement purchasing order.
- Reporting changes made and problems faced if any to the IT manager.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- Business Computing (University Degree, Bac +3/5 )
- 2 to 3 years of experience
- Mastering office systems, especially Word and Excel
- Familiar with handling information system
- Knowledge in means of data security
- French and English are a must
- Knowledge in SQL and/or Access is a plus


Reference: IT-99
Job Title: IT Security Specialist
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 1 year
The Role:
- The IT Security specialist will support in the implementation of the company's Information Security Governance and Compliance measures. He/She will administer the information security plans, policies and procedures to ensure appropriate controls are in place for the security of company's information assets.

- Staying up to date with new information security and IT topics plus improving his/her Information Security analytical skills.

Main Tasks:
- Monitor information security risks related to the systems, networks and processes to ensure internal security controls are appropriate and operating as intended.
- Review logs and reports from security systems. Identify abnormalities and report violations. Work with team members to resolve potential security issues. Defend systems against unauthorized access, modification and/or destruction.
- Configure and support security tools such as firewalls, anti-virus softwares, patch management systems.
- Oversee and monitor routine security administration.
- Perform risk assessments that evaluate the risk in company's environment and report findings to management.
- Implement approved risk mitigation strategies.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience in computer science or business.
- 1-2 years of experience in an IT Security position
- Good understanding of Information Security and Risk Assessments methodologies
- Good understanding of penetration testing processes
- Knowledge of Information Security tools
- Good English written & spoken. Arabic is a plus


Other / Miscellaneous

Reference: OM-87
Job Title: Commercial Legal Counsel
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 3 years
Reporting to Company's CLO, and as part of the wider Interpublic legal team, Candidate will provide legal support across all commercial and content related matters to the company's network. Candidate's primary and initial focus will be to support the advertising agencies in all client, and supplier contract negotiations in the company's MENAT region.
Key Responsibilities:
- Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of client/agency agreements for a variety of work (full service, creative, digital, project basis etc.)
- Review and clearance of content (broadcast and non-broadcast, including social media)
- Drafting terms and conditions for prize promotions and on line competitions.
- Negotiation of ancillary agreements required for campaigns (e.g. celebrity and talent agreements)
- Review of pitch documentation, RFIs and NDAs.
- Supplier/contractor agreements for the Agency.
- Assisting with variety of commercial disputes.
- Wide variety of other in house issues that may arise.
- Working with the company's Regional Legal Counsel based in London to ensure best practice is adopted by all company's agencies.
The following skills are required for the role:
- Analytical and reporting abilities
- Ability to handle multiple complex matters in pressurised time constraints.
- Ability to work independently and in collaboration with internal and external individuals at all levels.
- Able to thrive in a high-growth, fast paced environment.
- Excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal in English and Arabic.
- Technologically & digitally literacy.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BA in Law . LLM or higher education is a Plus
- 3 to 4 years PQE Experience
- Excellent knowledge in Word and Excel
- Excellent Command of English, Arabic and French


Reference: OM-97
Job Title: Production Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 5 years
Main Function:
- To manage the production process (quantity produced, delivery time and availability of materials).

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Oversee the production process and draws up a production schedule.
- Ensure that products are produced on time and are of good quality using the most effective methods.
- Estimate costs and prepare budgets as required.
- Ensure the availability of the human and material resources needed.
- Ensure the availability of raw material in stores and in the shop floor.
- Responsible for waste management and reduction.
- Monitor the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed.
- Monitor product standards and implements quality programs.
- Liaise among different departments, e.g. stores, production, quality.
- Work with managers to implement the company's policies and goals.
- Ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed.
- Supervise and motivate a team of workers.
- Follow the company's Quality Management System.
- Provide training to new and existing staff as needed.
- Assist the HR department in recruiting employees for the respective department
- Identify training needs.
- Other projects as assigned.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Master's Degree in Business Management or Industrial Technology or equivalent
- 5 years of relevant experience
- Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel
- English and Arabic (Advanced)


Sales & Marketing

Reference: SM-273
Job Title: Corporate Sales Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 10 Years
- Assist the Commercial Director in achieving sales objectives.
- Manage and motivate the corporate sales team to achieve the overall corporate sales objectives and make sure they adhere to the company's policies and procedures.
- Generate sales opportunities by identifying appropriate business targets.
- Participate in the innovation process by investigating and proposing new Internet and Value Added Services to offer to SMEs and large businesses.
- Ensure an excellent level of customer service and strong relationship with existing and new customers.
- Develop competitive analysis to assist in the design of the commercial strategy.
- Coordinate with the Technical Department to ensure satisfactory delivery of services.
- Assist the Commercial Director in handling human resources issues related to Corporate Sales team.
- Ensure regular and proper reporting related to Sales activity.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor degree from a reputable university.
- Min. 10 years of experience including 3 years in a managerial position.
- Experience in Telecom or Internet sector is a plus.
- Excellent Oral and written communication skills.
- Preferably trilingual: Arabic, English and French.


Reference: SM-289
Job Title: Sales Analyst
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 3 years
Basic Functions:
To assist the Sales Department in dissecting sales data and analyzing.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Prepares The Monthly Package of the Sales Department.
- Prepares Sales Target bases on sales split by Trade segment.
- Prepares Sales Target by brand by sales representative based on % of business.
- Prepares Commission Earnings.
- Compiles Daily Sales Report.
- Provides Sales Manager and Unit Managers with requested monthly reports.
- Prepares data for business Reviews and helps prepare Business Review analysis.
- Compiles monthly results of priorities.
- Compiles all data on Excel and retrieves information from the main system.
- Participates occasionally in monthly sales meetings.
- Prepares fact book for Sales Manager.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University degree or Technical Degree
- 3 to 5 years of experience
- Excellent command of Arabic and English languages
- IT Skills: Excel, Power Point, Pivot table and Macros on Excel


Senior Management

Reference: MG-121
Job Title: General Manager - Cement
Country: Burundi
Experience: Min 15 years
Job Purpose:
- GM will be responsible for the growth/viability, control and management of all activities with all the operations of the company.

Duties & Responsibility
Planning, implementation and supervise all the company department:
- Quarry for limestone and other local raw materials.
- Production of clinker using the Chinese vertical kiln.
- Production of cement (32.5 and 42.5) in sufficient quantity and quality to satisfy the market.
- Finance, Administration, Procurement and Logistic for imported raw material and spare parts.
- Sales projections for the market and management of customers.
- HR; ensure to recruit the right people in the right position and submit yearly appraisal for the employees.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- Degree in Engineering or related
- Minimum of 15 years demonstrated experience in relevant business. At least 5 years relevant experience in a direct managerial role
- Strong capacity of managing people, materials & machines
- MS Office
- Proficiency in English a must, French is an advantage