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Accounting & Finance

Reference: AC-224
Job Title: Senior Internal Auditor
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 2 years

The Role:
- To provide reports to the audit mgt on the adequacy & effectiveness of internal control structure, along with practical recommendations to improve the effectiveness, efficiency & economic value of a control or process.

Job Description:
- Provides timely and value-added reporting.
- Performs the audit engagements successfully & recommends findings.
- Performs Internal Audit reviews to identify risk and existing risk management / control practices.
- Evaluates whether organizational units are performing their planning, accounting, operational, custodial, and control activities in compliance with management instructions, policies & procedures & in a manner consistent with approved objectives & high standards of business practice.
- Identifies areas of weakness / exposure and develop practical recommendations to manage
these exposures.
- Determines if appropriate corrective action has been taken on deficiencies noted during audits & examinations by testing corrective action and reporting the results to Head of Audit Mgr.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Finance
- CPA certificate is highly recommended
- Only Saudi Candidates would be considered for this Job
- Min 2 years of experience in Auditing
- Thorough knowledge of audit procedures (planning, techniques, substantive tests & sampling methods involved in conducting audits)
- Knowledge of the principals, procedures & practices of accounting & financial reports.
- Insurance skills.
- Knowledge of computerized accounting & auditing record keeping systems.
- Fluent in both written and spoken Arabic & English
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered


Reference: AC-230
Job Title: Reporting & Planning Manager
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 5 years
The Role:
- Oversee related fiscal processes in a company. Also responsible for reviewing department budgets. General responsibilities includes analysis, risk evaluation, managing risks, forecasting economic trends, enforcing policies and guidelines throughout the company, and managing any other related projects.

- Expand business models that affect budgets, and company disbursements.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
- Preparing the appropriate templates to prepare the budget by all concerned departments.
- Comply with the approved policy of budgeting regarding the deadlines & management of the budgeting process.
- Receiving the budget estimates from all the departments of the organization & critically examines correctness, accuracy & completeness; conformance with established procedures, regulations, & organizational objectives
- Study previous budget, taking into consideration the benefits & losses occurred during the previous financial years, due to budget planning.
- Suggest amendments in the budget to the Management and the concerned department.
- Consolidate data for budget presentation, provides overview of financial status of all opt.
- Rendering financial advice to the management of diff. operations, undertake proper financial planning & decision making.
- Analyzing actual results to budgets and forecasts.
- Submitting budget reports to the higher management of the organization for further scrutiny and approval in accordance with the approved policy.
- Monitoring the budget throughout the year.
- Prepare detailed reports pertaining to discrepancies & amendments that occurred in the budget, during entire financial year also.
- Assisting in projecting future financial needs, taking into considerations the various proj. undertaken by the org. and also help in management of financial resources.
- Perform cost benefit analysis, study financial requests & research on alternative & reasonable funding methods for the org.
- Preparing business plan & make necessary update of plan according to any material changes in the business or the regulations which may affect forecasts.
- Also responsible for financial analysis in areas like Sales, Margin, Inventory, Store space, etc on periodical basis and prepare the analytical reports for Management action.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Masters Degree is highly preferred
- CPA highly preferred
- Minimum of 5 years in Reporting, Planning and Budgeting experience
- Background: Insurance, Investment, Banking or Consultation Sector. Big four experience is preference
- Being able to comprehend multifaceted fiscal models
- Financial analysis and reasoning
- Assessing risks, investments and budgets
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered


Reference: AC-233
Job Title: Senior Finance Coordinator
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 2 years
Lead accounting & reporting harmonization initiatives (processes, automation, new standards roll out, etc.)

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University Degree in Actuarial, Accounting or Finance
- 2 to 4 years of experience
- Microsoft Office
- Arabic, English and French
- Preferable experience with Big 4 in Insurance in Actuarial / Accounting / Finance for insurance companies and strong knowledge of IFRS


Reference: AC-234
Job Title: Financial Controller
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 3 years
The Role:
- To manage the control functions and assist the CFO/Finance manager in assessing the current procedures.

- Contributes in setting up best-practice Finance function within existing structure.

Main Tasks/Responsibilities:
- Manage and Lead the control functions "Reconciliation & Control unit".
- Assists the CFO/Finance Manager in reviewing the current procedures and recommend adjustments as needed.
- Ensure the appropriateness/accuracy of the accounting entries, accounting processes, payment processes, collection process, and recommend for the needed actions/procedures to serve that purpose.
- Ensure that proper review on the GL accounts is maintained.
- Supports the CFO/Finance Manager in creating, coordinating & evaluating the financial programs & supports the information .
- Contributes in managing the processes and systems for formulating and evaluating business strategies/ performance including planning, forecasting & budgeting, advanced analysis of financial data & segment/customer profitability.
- Ensures that the financial statements are issued on timely basis before the statutory deadlines and according to local & group standards.
- Coordinates with external auditors & tax advisors to ensure compliance with local & international standards.
- Supports the CFO/ Finance Manager in monitoring the asset versus liability to ensure a good segregation of assets & matching.
- Contributes to ensuring secured accounting via branches.
- Manage relationships with financial service providers.
- Monitor bank service fees and address quality issues.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree in Accounting/ Finance preferably CPA
- 3 to 5 years of exp. in finance, accounting, budgeting & cost control principles
- Strong technical knowledge in Accounting, Internal Controls & International Financial Reporting standards, with a CPA approach
- Solid knowledge of Group Accounting/Controlling framework (US GAAP, IFRS and UOP)
- Knowledge of local insurance accounting principles, practices & legal requirements
- Highly proficient with Microsoft Office & Accounting systems
- Arabic & English, oral & written
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered


Reference: AC-235
Job Title: Accounting and Finance Analyst
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 2 years
- Responsible for accounting & reporting initiatives (closing, Balance sheet review, New IFRS standards roll out, etc.)

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Business - Economic - Actuarial - Accounting with IFRS knowhow - Finance
- 2 to 4 years of experience
- Microsoft Office
- Arabic, English and French


Engineering & Technical

Reference: EN-180
Job Title: Software Engineer
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 2 years
- Develop UI and backend in Delphi 10+.
- Develop queries and custom reports in Microsoft SQL.
- Design, develop, and test own modules with business team.
- Read legacy and identify issues that needs fixing and optimization.
- Work with various data formats (XML, JSON).

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Academic degree, minimum on Bachelor level, in Computer Science or Engineering
- Knowledge of web services in general (SOAP and REST API) is a plus



Reference: IN-52
Job Title: Business Center Employees Benefits (BCEB) Manager
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 7 years
The Role:
- Handling the Business Center Employees Benefits (BCEB) Department in all its aspects (Technical, managerial & administration).

- Ensures the targets & the initiative achievement of the BCEB department.

Main Tasks / Responsibilities:
- Develops & closely monitor service standard for the department.
- Ensures efficient risk assessment by the underwriting team.
- Monitors, controls & follows up the servicing of quotation requests.
- Leads the development of internal work procedures enabling enhancing efficiency.
- Ensures implementation of the company's U/W guidelines.
- Coaches & supports subordinates in technical & managerial skills.
- Ensures that a good comm. process between the team & all other departments & distribution channels is in place & is working in a professional manner.
- Monitors & ensures effective technical support to all distribution channels.
- Leads the various projects related to the department.
- Updates & follows up the tracking system of offers.
- Documents & updates BCEB procedures.
- Responds to all SAMA requests.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BA degree in Business Administration or a related field. Plus a diploma or a certificate in Insurance
- Minimum 5 years of experience in health insurance underwriting
- High level of technical knowledge in insurance UW & claims
- Deep understanding of local insurance market
- Excellent communication skills, English & Arabic
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered


Reference: IN-55
Job Title: Business Developer
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 1 year
- Responsible for insuring sales & technical coordination/support between operations & sales force/ bancassurance and brokers channels to enhance sales & product development.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University Degree in Business, Economics or Insurance
- 1 to 3 years of experience
- Microsoft Office
- Arabic, English and French


Reference: IN-57
Job Title: Actuarial Coordinator
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 2 years
- Actuaries evaluate, manage and advise on financial risks. Uses knowledge of business and economics, together with the understanding of probability theory, statistics and investment theory, to provide strategic, commercial and financial advice.
- Development of products: technical aspect ,coordination with IT, testing of numerical figures ,development of the internal technical files and control of the general conditions
- Assist Calculation of the Market Consistent Embedded Value and summary report.
- Evaluation of the technical aspect for the development of new products.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor in - Actuarial - Economic - Finance - Engineering
- 2 to 3 years of experience
- Microsoft Office
- Arabic, English and French


Reference: IN-58
Job Title: Head of Compliance / Compliance Manager
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 5 years
The Role:
- Ensuring the company's compliance with the rules and regulations of monitoring agencies; that company policies & procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company's Standards of Conduct.

- Ability to promptly grasp complex issues particularly with regard to compliance & investigation issues, and take proper action.

Main Tasks
- Developing, maintaining, and revising policies and procedures, rules & regulations & standard of conduct violations for the general compliance activities.
- Manage direct contact with SAMA and other authority bodies, and follows up on outstanding issues with other governmental agencies.
- Participates in evaluating investigative procedures.
- Coordinates compliance activities of other departments to remain abreast of the status of all compliance activities.
- Stays updated on new trends and regulatory rules introduced in the Kingdom.
- Mitigate any identified potential areas of risk or compliance vulnerability.
- Collaborates on ensuring training and employee awareness to compliance issues.
- Identify Legal issues threatening the company ; and works to mitigate and resolve them.
- Set-up review and update the AML-CTF policy, procedures, program and risk-based approach.
- Conduct periodic internal review to ensure compliance with AML-CTF policy, procedures and program.
- Identify issues related to AML-CTF program and follow up to resolve.
- Collaborate with related departments to ensure implementation of consistent disciplinary actions strategies in case of compliance to AML-CTF standards violated.
- Provide employees training on compliance with AML-CTF policy, procedures and program related topics.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or related field
- A minimum of 5 years direct experience in a Compliance function coupled with some operational or audit experience, though additional experience in dealing with the CMA would be an advantage
- Compliance knowledge of local market & advisory skills
- Communication skills (persuasion, negotiation, and writing)
- Familiarity with insurance business
- Only Saudi candidates will be considered



Reference: IT-101
Job Title: Assistant IT & Business Continuity Manager
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 5 years
The Role:
- Assists IT Manager in managing IT staff & projects & providing technical leadership. This includes management of application development as well as management of servers, deployed software & networks.

- Providing IT services in an effective & efficient manner that will ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services & resources.

Main Tasks / Responsibilities:
- Assists IT Manager in leading the IR department & ensures that the HO & Branches are well managed.
- Manages information technology; Applications, Infrastructure, Support and Administration.
- Assists in managing Business Continuity.
- Develops & implements policies & procedures for electronic data processing, computer system
operations & development.
- Monitors & maintains company's technologies.
- Resolves problems & ensures applications are working properly.
- Constantly follows-up with new technologies/skills & makes recommendations about purchase of technology materials.
- Liaises with vendors to gather information & assesses services & products.
- Leads, motivates & develops the IT team to ensure that the right level of service & support is provided to the Business.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor Degree
- High knowledge in IT, connection, software & hardware.
- High knowledge in computer networks, network administration & network installation
- Experience in Change Management within IT to improve service levels.
- Knowledge in IMS
- 5 to 7 years in IT.
- Min 2 years in an IT leadership position
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered


Reference: IT-102
Job Title: IT Manager
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 5 years
This role will be based in Jeddah reporting to the General Manager. IT manager will provide sound technical leadership and strategic advice to the business on technology and will be in charge of planning, directing and designing the organisation's IT systems and infrastructure for its offices in KSA.

- IT Governance: Develop and implement IT standards, policies and procedures related to hardware, software, network and information security, aligned with IT governance frameworks (COBIT) and SAMA requirements.

- Infrastructure Management: Ensure secure and effective operation of all computer and communication systems, related applications, hardware and software used within the organisation. Consult with colleagues across departments to ascertain their needs and provide feasible facilities which meet user and business requirements.

- Software Management: Ensure core insurance and re-insurance broking platforms, accounting, HR, business analytics and other decision support systems are operating as designed and efficiently. Analyse business requirements and act as liaison between business and application vendors in feasibility study, testing, implementation and support of IT solutions.

- IT Operations Management: Plan, lead and ensure day to day management of all IT operations, application support, infrastructure support and user support activities to facilitate uninterrupted operations of the business, ensuring compliance to the corporate IT strategy, ITSM and SAMA requirements. Maintain and improve the disaster recovery systems and infrastructure.

- Information Security Management: Design, document and update IT security policies and framework guidelines. Provide regular training to users in information security to increase awareness. Manage, follow up on and document security incidents. This includes identifying and preventing IT security breaches and attacks and taking whatever measures are needed to minimise impact in the case of identified security breaches.

- Vendor Management: Build a solid partnership with all service providers. Optimally develop, manage and control vendor contracts, relationships and performance for the efficient delivery of contracted products and services. Analyse and review actual service performance of vendors against SLAs and OLAs. Provide regular reviews and reports on service performance and achievement.

- Project Management: Lead new initiatives focused on increasing efficiency and performance of systems. Plan, prioritise and execute the deliverables approved by senior management from start to completion stage achieving the goals and standards within the specified timeline and budget. Plan and manage change management activities.

- Budgeting: Based on the assessment on technological performance, forecast the requirements, prepare annual IT budget and track and communicate estimates and actuals to senior management.

- Documentation: Maintain logs, documentation, reports of activity with regards to all bugs, repairs, software updates and any other network related irregularities.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, software engineering or a related IT qualification.
- Minimum 5 to 10 years' experience in information technology management preferably in insurance industry.
- Hands-on experience in managing and administering computer networks, operating systems, database management systems, servers and software integration & interfaces.
- Strong knowledge of Information Security, data privacy and compliance. Preferably previous experience in implementation of IT security frameworks like ISO 27000 Series, COBIT and SAMA regulations.
- Fluent in English, able to communicate effectively and advise various stakeholders.
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Reference: MD-55
Job Title: Science Coordinator
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 3 years
In-house analysis and validation of science content throughout the system development phases.
Internal coordination between science and engineering teams.
Analytic development of customer workflow.
Editing of Help manuals and Learning Modules.
Knowledge base and user support, using remote assistance of end users.
Onsite training and travel to installation sites for setup configuration and user training phases.
Ongoing users training.
Additional: Multi-language support.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- MS Biology or Natural Sciences.
- English proficiency is a must, technical writing.
- 3 years work experience or more.
- Willingness to travel.


Other / Miscellaneous

Reference: OM-101
Job Title: Branch Operations Manager - Saida
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 10 years
This opening is for Saida Branch

Position Summary:
- The Branch Operations Manager main role is to work with company key stakeholders to drive forward the Branch profitability with primary focus on sustainability of the branch network, sales growth and individual branch development plans.
This person will be responsible for managing the day-to day sales and aftersales operations within the assigned branch. Full P&L responsibilities; driving top line revenue, developing budgets & controlling costs. Required to meet or exceed budgets by providing clear expectations and managing individual and team accountability through exceptional leadership skills. This person will be the driving force to provide a challenging and personal/professional growth oriented environment which drives outstanding products and services to the company's customers.

Essential Functions:
- Provides direction and set expectations of all the Branch operations Staff.
- Manages 3 main areas (Product Support (Parts & Service) and Prime Product Sales).
- Maintains fruitful relationships with existing customers and makes Business development activities to acquire new customers and sell additional products and services within his territory.
- Oversees the budget and operating expenses of the branch, monitors the overall financial performance and takes corrective action(s) in order to stay on budget.
- Assists in the hiring of new personnel as well as possible promotions or discharges, and offers recommendation regarding salary increases for personnel.
- Ensures all team members are working to their full potential while maintaining company safety policies and maintains internal audits on company processes and procedures.
- Provides leadership necessary to motivate Branch team members, creates and maintains a high degree of branch production by achieving company standards.
- Handles all serious problem customers that require management assistance & Makes regular visits to customer to ensure their needs are being met and they are satisfied with the company's services.
- Recommends legal action on seriously delinquent accounts.
- On a monthly basis, conducts an all-branch meeting in order to provide current branch financial and operational goal updates, as well as communicate new goals and expectations.
- Responsible for managing sales teams, holds effective weekly sales meetings with sales reps in order to outline business objectives and make certain that they have the needed information to sell the company's products.
- Insures all sales reps are on budget and creates in liaison with the Sales Manager business and sales plans to correct as necessary.
- Works on a regular basis with the Service Operations Manager to ensure work efficiency and customer satisfaction.
- Periodically liaises with the Parts Operations Manager to ensure all inventory line items are correct, no overage or loss.
- Ensures with all functional Managers that all employees are participating and completing the required product and self-improvement training events.
- Create and implement an effective marketing plan to drive business through special events to promote the vast amount of equipment and services company's offer.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University degree Business Management or any relevant, Skills and relevant experience can be substituted for education
- 10 to 15 years of proven track record of increasing sales and revenue, field sales experience is preferred. (High priority given to Leaders with industry experience)
- Demonstrated and confirmed history of managing diverse groups of people with competing goals to a successful outcome within a similar industry
- Basic Financial Business acumen skills
- Very good knowledge of the South territory and its potential customers


Reference: OM-102
Job Title: Branch Manager
Country: Iraq
Experience: Min 10 years
- The branch Manager will be a business leader in the central and south region of Iraq who has visibly demonstrated transformational leadership over a consistent period in organizations with a global footprint and diverse operating models within the automotive sector.
- He must be an influential, proactive and trusted business leader with extensive high level automotive experience gained at a senior level.
- Having delivered tangible results within a senior executive capacity,
- Responsibility for sales, marketing, service, parts, procurement, warehousing and distribution operations for all the franchises represented by the company.
- Lead the team to develop system & processes.
- Develop and implement plans.
- Increase inventory turns and control expenses.
- Prepare, review and place stock order to ensure high first fill rate maintaining optimum inventory.
- Minimize costs wherever possible without affecting customer satisfaction.
- Prepare, weekly, monthly and annual reports for management review.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University Degree
- Min 5 years managerial level experience
- MS Office
- Fluent Arabic and English


Reference: OM-104
Job Title: Social Secretary/Cashier
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 5 years
The Embassy is recruiting a Social Secretary to the Ambassador and political section (50 %) and Cashier (50%) with economic and administrative responsibilities.

The main duties and responsibilities will be:
-Arrange meetings and coordinate the Ambassador's agenda and activities, including coordinate the drivers'schedule with the transport needs of the Embassy.
-Overall responsibility for protocol matters towards the Lebanese authorities.
-Keep in contact with all authorities.
-Answering general enquiries by letter, e-mail and telephone.
-Assist in organizing meetings and appointments for other members of the political section, assist in organizing programs for visiting delegations.
- Perform cashier functions covering:
Taking care and custody of public money .
Taking care and custody of accountable
Issuing of receipts.
Taking care of travel claims for posted
- When necessary assist with other tasks in the Embassy.
- Substituting for the task of the other cashier.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University degree in business administration, communication, economics, languages, social sciences or related fields
- A minimum of five years working experience in a similar position or in a related area at an Embassy or in an international company is preferable; At least four years of financial experience is required, two years of which must be in cashier area
- Strong skills in Microsoft Office programs incl. Word and Excel
- Excellent command of English, Arabic and French, orally and in writing


Reference: OM-91
Job Title: Quality Control Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Around 10 years
- Implement the quality control program and follow the company's QMS.
- Promote various programs for maximum quality production.
- Hygiene Control.
- Analyze reports and data obtained.
- Analyze the nature and cause of errors to identify areas needing improvement in the department's processes and systems and determine eligibility.
- MOH visits as requested.
- Improves existing product inspection standards where necessary.
- Develop, implement and supervise the quality methods for staff and workers.
- Supervise workers that are engaged in inspection and testing activities.
- Collect and file the required inspection quality records.
- Approve finished products by summarizing information and preparing the daily quality report.
- Manage the control of non-conforming product process.
- Issue the non-conformance reports and ensure that the corrective action is taken.
- Establish new quality standards and specifications for new products.
- Develop and maintain the documentation of quality procedures and data analysis.
- Promote various training techniques to improve performance of the delivered products.
- Prepare, issue, and implement schemes on quality control.
- Be actively involved in the activities including quality assurance programs and others.
- Provide technical direction to quality control officers in solving certain technical problems.
- Make suggestions for changes and improvements.
- Review customer requirements / complaints and ensure they are met.
- Hire and train quality control representatives and new members by offering clear explanation about each and every step of quality control programs.
- Evaluate and verify employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques.
- Identify staff development and training needs and ensure training is obtained.
- Provide training to new and existing staff as needed.
- Assist the HR department in recruiting employees for the respective department.
- Other projects as assigned.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BS Degree
- 10 years experience (+ or -)
- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
- Excellent Command of Arabic and English
- Relevant experience in factories and good knowledge in ISO, GMP standards.


Reference: OM-99
Job Title: Product Trainer
Country: Kuwait
Experience: Min 12 years
- Deliver Product introduction Training for newly launched vehicles.
- Utilizing regional expertise, external suppliers (Global training and DMEL).
- Ensuring learning activities are of an appropriate quality to positively engage the after sales colleagues.
- Provide the advice and guidance to the HR line managers regarding the technical/sales recruitment.
- Provide sales process training.
- Give the sales team the training support in the new product training sessions.
- Identify the training required for each Sales and after sales job profiles and analyses the requirements and use the personal development plan.
- Suitable training need analysis of requirement and use it to build an annual training plan using the analysis results.
- Design the inducted training program for the new joiner to engage them smoothly with the work environment.
- Work with HR team to continuously improve, update and facilitate induction training program for the new sales/aftersales joiner
- Identify appropriate external training providers to support the provision of the required training intervention.
- Planning service level agreement using the results of individual training needs analysis to get the most technical training topics needs to implement technical knowledge.
- Coordinate with the company for all training program for sales.
- Adapted the training concepts to regional requirements after liaison with product department to obtain local specification criteria.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- University Degree
- Proven automotive industry track record with min 12 years experience
- In a similar role for min. 5 years with a leading automotive distributor
- C Certified
- GCC experience is preferable
- Bi-lingual is preferable


Sales & Marketing

Reference: SM-273
Job Title: Corporate Sales Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 10 Years
- Assist the Commercial Director in achieving sales objectives.
- Manage and motivate the corporate sales team to achieve the overall corporate sales objectives and make sure they adhere to the company's policies and procedures.
- Generate sales opportunities by identifying appropriate business targets.
- Participate in the innovation process by investigating and proposing new Internet and Value Added Services to offer to SMEs and large businesses.
- Ensure an excellent level of customer service and strong relationship with existing and new customers.
- Develop competitive analysis to assist in the design of the commercial strategy.
- Coordinate with the Technical Department to ensure satisfactory delivery of services.
- Assist the Commercial Director in handling human resources issues related to Corporate Sales team.
- Ensure regular and proper reporting related to Sales activity.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor degree from a reputable university.
- Min. 10 years of experience including 3 years in a managerial position.
- Experience in Telecom or Internet sector is a plus.
- Excellent Oral and written communication skills.
- Preferably trilingual: Arabic, English and French.


Reference: SM-292
Job Title: CRM Manager
Country: Kuwait
Experience: Min 15 years
Role Objective:
- Plan, implement and manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and direct marketing initiatives for the Automotive Luxury Brand Division towards increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Detailed Duties & Responsibilities:

- Operational & Strategic : (Customer Voice : Customer Satisfaction : Customer Concerns : Customer Feedback : Customer Retention : Customer Referrals : Customer Behavior, Needs & Understanding : Customer Education):
- Design CRM initiatives that are potentially advantageous to one or more automotive departments and may catalyze sales growth and improve customer satisfaction and retention thru various activities including Call Center Management.
- Prepare preliminary business case for each CRM initiative by highlighting its alignment with automotive business strategy and potential for creating value through the proposed initiative.
- Assist Senior Management in prioritizing and finalizing CRM initiatives by presenting them with cost-benefit analyses and recommendations based on the same.
- Develop implementation plan and detailed guidelines for CRM initiatives with the aid of the HoD Marketing and seek DGM-PC & Vans and Managing Director approvals on these plans.
- Implement CRM initiatives in close coordination with internal departments and external agencies.
- Liaise with requisite external agencies to assist in the development of IT-based CRM solutions by providing them details of deliverables required and Organization's system features.
- Liaise with in-house IT Department to facilitate system development and software compatibility as may be required.
- Identify potential strategic tie-ups with organizations for co-branded marketing efforts; support HoD - Marketing in negotiating terms and conditions with prospective partners.
- Analyze existing customer information captured through existing CRM initiatives and present trends of customer segmentation, customer spends, customer retention and changes in customer preferences based on analysis of the same.
- Coordinate with IT Department in developing and maintaining a central customer database across all automotive departments.
- Analyze historical sales data to identify target samples for CRM activities aimed at understanding customer behavior, feedback and develop various alternatives detailing multiple channels and related costs that may be employed to reach the target audience.
- Design integrated Direct Mailer packages for Vehicle Sales Department employing various channels i.e. direct mails, e-mails, MMS/ SMS etc with the support of external agencies.
- Develop databases of target direct mail recipients chosen based on sales promotion strategy; ensure effective distribution of the direct mailer to the identified target audience.
- Undertake tracking studies to measure effectiveness of direct mailing campaigns.
- Comply with Quality Standards and Health & Safety procedures affecting self and others.
- Perform routine activities in accordance with agreed deadlines and standards and discharge any other task assigned by superiors in a timely and effective manner.
- Assist colleagues and foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration.
- Contribute to the department's development by providing timely suggestions and feedback.
- Make requisite attempts to handle customer complaints in a prompt and effective manner and as per company policies and practices and escalate cases to his/her superior if required.

Key Interactions: (who do you impact and how are you impacted):
Internal (Who do you interact with within Organization):
- HoD-Marketing
- GM's & AGM's Sales
- GM's & AGM's-Service & Parts
- Manager-IT (Systems)
- All front line staff

External (Who do you interact with outside Organization):
- External Business Development agencies
- Advertising Agency
- Mail distribution companies
- Customers
- Loyalty Partners

Other responsibilities:

- Develop CRM strategy for the supplier and implement robust customer experience program across business for customer acquisition, retention and growth strategies.
- Conduct organization wide CRM business health check and develop customized CRM programs for each business divisions to meet objectives.
- Set-up CRM Department and manage & coach and develop a dedicated diverse team of CRM team members including, Contact Center Specialists, Data Analysts, CRM & Customer Loyalty Specialists, Digital CRM Specialists, Customer Care Specialists and lead the executive team.
- Develop Digital CRM program for proactive engagement of customers in Social Media including integration of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Website to the Group CRM Center for proactive engagement.
- Implement CSI development program across business to achieve Daimler set target for CSI score.
- Develop Customer Experience Audit Program and implement Mystery shop to ensure consistent delivery of quality service and brand experience.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- Master Degree in Marketing
- 15 years experience in marketing out of which 05 years in CRM role in any sector
- Good in Marketing Research
- Excellent Marketing Information & Technology Skills
- Excellent Communication Skills (English & Arabic)
- Age bracket between 35 and 40 years old


Reference: SM-294
Job Title: Assistant Manager (Used Cars)
Country: Kuwait
Experience: Min 12 years
- Manage the Used Car showroom sales effectively.
- Manage a team of 5 - 10 Sales Executives.
- Develop, propose and implement the sales strategy internally and in conjunction with
CPO Department.
- Provide the General Manager with the business forecast, budget, sales volume and product mix, planning and profit.
- Regularly monitor departmental performance against relevant KPI's and budget.
- Develop and implement with the General Manager the pricing and discount policy in
accordance with distributor policies.
- Develop and implement standard operating procedures for the Sales department where
needed and continuously monitor the processes to ensure optimisation.
- Develop and implement sales team variable remuneration programmes linked to Performance.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:
- Graduate / Post Graduate / MBA
- 12 years Total Exp, 3 years Relevant Exp
- Autoline CDK Handson experience
- Arabic & English
- Min 5 Years experience as Showroom Manager with a major European Luxury Auto Brand


Reference: SM-296
Job Title: Fleet Sales Manager
Country: Kuwait
Experience: Min 12 years
Job Overview:
- Lead the Fleet Sales department in achieving and exceeding targets in the areas of customer satisfaction, sales volume and profitability. Sustainably manage stock levels to ensure the correct levels of stock at all times.
Support the implementation of company and distributor's marketing campaigns, as well as maintaining good relationships with the local authorities and business communities to sustainably develop new and existing markets. Ensure that all company's distributor standards are met.

- Contribute towards development of fleet sales strategy, annual business plans and budgets for sale of fleet vehicles excluding construction machines/equipment.
- Monitor actual performance of fleet sales on various parameters against approved budgeted figures and take suitable corrective action where required, to meet the assigned goals.
- Study market trends as well as competitor activities and suitably update Group Manager Vehicle Sales on latest developments.

- Handle fleet sale responsibilities of customers such as ministries, rental company sales, ministry sales, contracting companies, car rental companies and taxi operators.
- Ensure that salesmen provide all customers with a high quality of service and value in all stages of the sales process.
- Make calls on prospective customers; send marketing collateral comprising of brochures and catalogues.
- Prepare quotations based on defined pricing guidelines after gathering information for customer scoping based on an understanding of customer requirements in terms of fleet size, kind of planned usage, type of customer business.
- Recommend Special Price Requests (SPR) cases to HoD Sales with requisite comments and finalize the price.
- Negotiate terms of payment with customers, if required, and ensure that purchase order is raised and collections/realization takes place.
- Handle customers and manage their expectations in cases when the vehicle requested for is not in stock; inform customers of estimated wait time till delivery.
- Ensure that effective fleet delivery preparations take place on receipt of purchase order by effectively coordinating with Inventory Control personnel.
- Interact with Central Tender Committee of client organizations (typically construction/ leasing companies) industries to understand tender requirements; mobilize fleet within timelines specified, in case of orders received.
- Coordinate with internal entities such as Inventory Controller, yard supervisors, PDI garage, insurance and traffic departments to ensure timely delivery of fleet orders.
- Scan market information and provide salespersons with prospective customer contact details (for instance, organizations that have won tenders etc).
- Prepare fleet sales print advertising campaigns for commercial vehicles (canter pickups) with the help of the Media Advisor and Marketing personnel.
- Compile market information including product comparison with competitor brands.
- Coordinate with fleet sales customer representatives present in each service garage.
- Generate reports such as Daily Sales Report, weekly sales reports (giving sales and marketing information.
- Select vendors/suppliers based on their relative merit on various service parameters and ensure completion of any additional work within committed timelines.
- Comply with Quality Standards and Health & Safety procedures affecting self and others.
- Perform routine activities in accordance with agreed deadlines and standards and discharge any other task assigned by superiors in a timely and effective manner.
- Assist colleagues and foster an environment of teamwork and collaboration.
- Contribute to the department's development by providing timely suggestions and feedback.
- Make requisite attempts to handle customer complaints in a prompt and effective manner and as per company policies and practices and escalate cases to his/her superior if required.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Min 5 -7 years working experience as Fleet Sales Manager in premium or luxury automotive distributorship. Overall 12-15 years experience in automotive sales
- University Degree majored in business or related field
- Alternatively, substantial experience in Sales on a managerial level
- C-Management Certification or equivalent (e.g. IMI) is preferred
- MS-Office Skills
- Autoline / CDK experience
- Driving license
- Excellent Arabic and English language skills (written and spoken)


Reference: SM-299
Job Title: Importing Automotive Company Manager
Country: Libya
Experience: Min 7 years
Job Summary:
- The ideal candidate will have experience hiring, training, and leading a team, a strong passion for people, and a solid knowledge of sales best practices and customer retention strategies.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Recruit, hire, train, and oversee a team of automotive salespeople.
- Coach salespeople on best practices for closing more vehicle deals and provide advice and guidance to improve sales performance.
- Oversee all activities occurring in the vehicle showroom.
- Set sales goals, track progress, and lead team to achieve and exceed those quotas.
- Forecast sales for upcoming months and quarters and compile the necessary reports for dealership management to review.
- Step in to answer customer questions and issues when required.
- Coordinate and lead all regular meetings with the sales staff.
- Develop and manage a CRM platform to retain customers and seek out new prospective sales.
- Maintain a strong focus on satisfaction of all customers.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University Degree
- 7+ years of experience in a sales role at a dealership
- Solid sales competencies with knowledge of strategies and best practices
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Outgoing and service-oriented attitude
- Knowledge of inventory control and management


Reference: SM-300
Job Title: Communication Director
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 10 years
The communications director is in charge of designing and implementing a communication strategy in line with the strategy of the party. The implementation of the strategy involves three departments: production/marketing of all content, dissemination on social media and traditional media and analysis of reactions as well as social listening to fine tune the strategy if need be.

Areas of responsibility
- Designing and implementing a strategy of the communications department for the 1, 3 and 10-year objectives and translating it into a clear plan of action and workplan for the communications team with clear KPIs.

- Managing the marketing & production unit along with the creative director. This includes but is not exclusive of campaigns, branding, events, and pre- and post-production processes at all levels.

Dissemination: traditional and social media:
- Designing and implementing traditional media and social media strategy for the dissemination of the political productions of the party and all other events, campaigns and actions undertaken with the proper team members.
- Managing and maintaining close contact with the traditional and online media stakeholders in coordination with the relevant team members. This includes but is not exclusive of journalists, TV, radio, bloggers, influencers, online platforms, as well as media and advertising specialists.

- Coordinating the CRM and the holistic big data analysis and other potential applications with the relevant internal units and external experts and third parties, and translating these findings into relevant reusable data to fine tune the work of the department in view of reaching its objectives.
- Setting up social listening tools to collect reactions and positions of the target audiences and fine tune the communication strategy if need be.

Internal responsibilities:
- Insuring close collaboration and creating synergies with all departments of the organization: political and field, as well as admin and more generally the political bureau and member body.
- Recruiting, managing and empowering a team of various background and expertise.
- Drafting, optimizing and managing the yearly budget of the department.
Member relations:
- Developing internal communications channels such as newsletters, releases, email announcements, intranet, and other outputs to keep the members of the party informed on a regular basis. This requires close collaboration with each department (politics, field, and admin) and clear process of information sharing and streamlining to plan regular communications with the relevant stakeholders according to their typology (GA, Ex Com, SG, supporters, etc.) in coordination with the IT department.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree
- Strong oral and written communication skills
- Social Media Skills